LADY PWRZ bold tote bag

LADYPWRZ is a Melbourne fashion label launched in 2023. Designed for the bold creative who loves to stand out from the crowd and express themselves through their style. 

The LADYPWRZ motto is ‘More is always more’.



Mia Founder of LADY PWRZ fashion brand Melbourne

LADYPWRZ is the passion project of Mia Runnalls, who has a background in sourcing and marketing vintage garments. Mia spent her teens and early twenties sitting at her kitchen bench, hand sewing her own clothes, to bring her personal style life, something she had never been able to find in the average clothing store. 

In 2018, after pursuing a career in the health and medical field that was ultimately unfulfilling, Mia wrote a little memo with the words 'LADY PWRZ'.

It wasn't until three years later, though, that she would revisit that memo and finally begin the process of bringing her vision to life and creating a brand that embodied her love of art and self-expression through clothing and accessories.

After two years in development, LADYPWRZ was born.